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    Born in the Netherlands in 1974, Karsten Reiniers graduated as Master of Arts from the renowned University of Amsterdam, where he studied History and Film and Television Studies. Before attending the University of Amsterdam he served in the Dutch army's air assault brigade as a red beret. One of his main missions included the peace keeping and humanitarian aid operation in Bosnia-Herzegovina during the war in former Yugoslavia in 1994.

    While in university, Karsten worked for independent film production company Redeemable Features in New York in 1999. After working at IJswater Films, where he was involved in the production of (feature) films, documentaries and commercials, he started with photography. As a self-taught photographer he advanced his photography during courses at the photo academy in Amsterdam. For his first foreign photography he covered the war on terrorism in Afghanistan during the bombardments in 2001 where he took a rare and exclusive picture of the elusive Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar. Karsten has worked on a diversity of (foreign) assignments and specialises in documentary and reportage photography.

    In 2005 he started as one of the first self-producing videojournalists in the Netherlands launching VARA's all digital internet
    consumer television channel. After working as news reporter for Omroep Flevoland, he moved to Brussels, Belgium to work for NATO TV. Karsten is currently based in the Netherlands and works for ARK Nature.

    In 2008 he drove an old Volvo to China, while covering 'The rally Bant to Beijing'. A 12,000 km classic car rally from the Netherlands through Eastern Europe/Russia to China. In 2011/2012 Karsten drove from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Cartagena, Colombia and filmed the Panamericana Classics Volvo Challenge, a more than 15,000 km trip through South-America. In 2014 he completed the northern part of the Panamericana, the Indian Trail through Central- and North-America; more than 17,000 km. From Panama City, Panama to Deadhorse, Alaska. More information (in Dutch) can be found on www.team83.nl.

    Mobile: +31 (0)6 233 727 69
    Email: karsten@ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.